How We Can Help. How We Can Make a difference

Burning Bush’s initiative extends to archdiocesan parish organisations and BECs with initiatives to raise awareness as well as to encourage campaigns against Human Trafficking. In your own communities identify some areas of concern, and how you can integrate such concerns and raise awareness in your own BECs, parish groups and even at Masses animated with social justice themes such as Human Trafficking. 

Some initial suggestions include:

Present introductory talks on some areas of Catholic Social Teaching. Invite known and respected speakers. Get to know the basic issues of what is human trafficking, how victims are trafficked, why victims are trafficked. There are responsible websites that offer advice, insight and knowledge on human trafficking.

Visit: (Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd) (ECPAT International, Thailand) (New Thessalonians Apostalate) (SUKA Society) (International Organisation for Migration, The UN Migration Agency)


Encourage discussions and readings of Rerum Novarum and Gaudium et Spes.

Consult books such as Doing Faith Justice: An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought by Fred Krammer, SJ, New York Paulist Press, 1991. Pick relevant passages for reflection and discussion. Read up on the issues. Start with Revolving Door, published by Tenanganita in 2008. It details experiences and case studies that sheds light on human trafficking and victims. Talk to victims of human trafficking. Share their stories, experiences and encounters. Find out how you can help victims especially victims from sexual exploitation reintegrate back to society. Read up on international human trafficking concerns and issues.

Another suggestion is to engage with anti-human trafficking activists and organisations that offer support and assistance to victims of human trafficking (see below). Select and send a few individuals from the Parish BEC or members from PIHDM and other interested parish groups for immersion experiences, to attend talks on human trafficking issues or any related events that may benefit the parish’s involvement with Burning Bush.

For all the above activities get assistance and advice from the groups below on how you can function and carry out activities. 

Church based groups:
i. Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd
ii. Archdiocesan Office of Human Development
Iii. Catholic Lawyers' Society of Kuala Lumpur
iv. Catholic Counsellors & Therapists of Malaysia
v. Archdiocesan Mental Health Ministry 

NGOs and Activists:
i. Tenaganita
ii. Suka Society
iii. New Thessalonians Apostolate

Publicise Help and Contacts

Publicise hotline numbers and contacts that are useful for victims of human trafficking. With publicity of these available numbers and contacts, more can be achieved to stop human trafficking.